THINK works with not for profit organisations the world over. Clients come to us with all kinds of challenges. These range from formulating fundraising strategies and marketing new campaigns to staff development and improving workplace culture. With each challenge, we take a fresh approach informed by the team’s combined experience and connection to the sector.
Think Difference
The problems

need for more income, lack of skilled sector professionals, scale of societal need.

What THINK does

strategic consultancy, interim & permanet recruitment services, intelligence, specialist forums.

What THINK achieves

offers intelligent and innovative solutions to a huge variety of client challenges and provides strong sector support and relationships.

Our overall goal

supporting the generation of the money, time, goods and influence to further the causes of not for profit organisations.

All our THINKers worked in the sector at a senior level prior to joining THINK and are experts in their field. We’re big thinkers with a penchant for disruption, yet this ‘on the ground’ experience means we’re approachable and able to empathise with the challenges our clients face.


Working with Think
We don’t do anything off the shelf. 

Whether we’re working with one of the UK largest charities, a UN agency or a small charity in its infancy, all our work is bespoke. When it comes to devising a solution, we explore projects from many angles and put creativity at the centre. We identify and peer-review proposed solutions and, of course, involve the client every step of the way. The result is a fluff-free, actionable outcome, rooted in the client’s unique circumstance.

We do more than just consultancy.

For over twenty years, THINK has evolved to provide the services the Third Sector needs and wants. Alongside strategic consultancy, THINK also offers research, tailored interim and recruitment services, and a range of specialist Forums.

Think Impact
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