Stewardship Tracker
THINK’s Stewardship Tracker uses ‘mystery supporters’ to provide charities with valuable insights into the experience their donors have. We have been running the programme for ten years, and worked with nearly 50 charities in the UK – large and small.

By tracking individual givers’ experience over a twelve-month period, the Stewardship Tracker provides data on how well charities are stewarding their donors across a range of 90 separate tasks. These include:

  • Enquiries
  • Regular giving
  • One off donations
  • Complaints
  • Bespoke activities
  • Communication timelines

What’s more, at the end of each year we benchmark all our members against each other, so they can see how well they are stewarding their donors compared with other charities.

With this wealth of detailed information at their fingertips our Stewardship Tracker programme members are able to make real changes to their operations to improve their stewardship journeys.

We run two Stewardship Tracker programmes every year – one starting in April and one starting in October. If you’re interested, or for more information, please contact THINK’s Head of Intelligence on

You can also download the brochure here