Community Fundraising Mystery Shopping

The problem:

Marie Curie, as members of the THINK Community Fundraising Forum, have been learning from THINK’s annual mystery shopping exercise. In 2019 the charity wanted to gather deeper insight on the stewardship and service experienced by supporters when in contact with each local Community Fundraiser. The aim was to enable strengths and weaknesses to be identified,  alongside any regional highlights and trends and then take action to ensure a consistently high standard of supporter experience across the UK.

What we did:

Using our tried and tested methodology, THINK mystery shopped more than seventy individual Community Fundraisers across the UK. Each fundraiser was assessed across a 4-5 month period by a mystery supporter posing as a DIY fundraiser raising over £1,000.  The activity happened in three phases from February 2019 to June 2020 and assessment included the initial registration, follow up by the fundraiser, thanking and ongoing contact and communications. Individual reports were provided on each fundraising area alongside a summary of the key results and trends.


The insight after each phase was shared across Marie Curie’s UK wide teams, with good practice recognised. Where issues were identified additional training was put in place, and processes were reviewed and adapted to ensure a timely and consistently high standard of supporter experiences.

Client quote:

We contracted THINK to carry out a national mystery shop; the results of this national project highlighted areas we were doing well in and areas we could improve, enabling us to focus on building on our strengths and putting plans in place to engage more with our supporters and grow income.”


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Client Name – Marie Curie
Cause Area – Health